Coop new serie “Spiis”

Coop is one of Norway’s leading retail stores within food and non-food goods, having more than thousand stores around the country.

Coop wanted to create a new brand-series of kitchen equipment to their kitchen section. The new series was going to consist of 250 unique goods, including pots and pans, saucepans, glasses, cutlery, baking supplies and some of their old best sellers. Coop needed a new name, logo, a new identity and appearance. The project demanded a flexible design that could function in all formats – from small labels to big boxes. 


The magnitude of 250 new goods, would make a big impact on the overall look in the kitchen section at Coop. Our goal was to connect the products so that the shelves would look overall appealing. With market research and analysis we figured out that the category needed a full makeover. We moved away from the traditional white, anonymous packaging identity to a more interesting, exclusive identity, that still maintained that everyday feel. We shot new and inspiring photos together with a food stylist.  Colour coding, photography and symbols helped us categories and divide the different applications of the series. The material is also changed to a matt carton to avoid light reflection from the ceiling, and also carefully chosen to emphasize that exclusive impression.


The new profile looks delicate and modern, yet reflects that the products has an advantageous price compared to other suppliers. Each unique product look beautiful but the whole range also looks neat together. The new series Spiis was released the fall of 2017. The response so far have been great. Spiis design appears as a thorough concept with a tight implementation of design and visual effects. Together with Coop we are looking forward to receive the measureable results in 2018.

The first month they increased the sale with 30%.