Belvar. is a Norwegian organization that delivers a completely new standard for hotel hospitality management Marriott Group European Operations. To project a new dynamic image against this traditional conservative sector, they asked us to develop a name that can be registered in the world and a graphic identity that could not be compared to anyone.

Belvar Identity


The Belvar. group is a completely different type of international hospitality management. In an industry with many opponent’s they need to stand out and clarify what they can offer as a company. The new logo and brand identity showcases exactly that. They are an innovative, trust worthy and a dynamic company that seeks new solutions for each obstacle.


We applied a dynamic and organic visual language that will stand out in a traditional market. Within a grid system we allowed the identity to maintain the feel organization it needs and It communicates the level of complexity the company is working with. By applying a frame around the logo gives it a perfect combination of being structured and innovative.