Strategy, identity and packaging design for Antoinette Botti’s ginger drink.



Antoinette Botti is Ging's entrepreneur and comes from the Ivory Coast. She grew up with her grandmother Mazon who was passionate about herbal medicine. Her grandmother used ginger to keep the family healthy and created her own secret recipe for what is called Gnammakoudji or Ging. When Antoinette came to Norway she wanted to share her grandmother health drink and become one of Norway’s leading producers in 100% pure ginger drinks.


The silhouette of a woman on the bottle should depict the shadow of Antoinette in the sun. This a recognizable and icon for the brand itself. The bottle is unique and honest and shows the brightness of the content.

By supporting social entrepreneurship, Ging runs a project of female donors on Côte d'Ivoire. Through her project, she supports female ginger farmers from the Ivory Coast. As a result, the women gain better health and are able to educate their children for a better future in the local society.